Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do i need to get a building permit?
A: Generally no, but we advise that you check with your municipality.

Q: What kind of site is required for a shed?
A: There must be a 2 foot clearance around the building and also overhead. Also electricity must be available within 50 feet. If electricity is not available, you must rent a generator for the build crew.

Q: How should I prepare the build site?
A: Mark out where the shed is to be built with 5 stakes. 4 in the corners and one at the door location.

Q: Does the site need to be level?
A: The customer will provide 12"x12"x2" patio stones to assist in leveling.

Q: Will builders excavate the site for the building?
A: No, builders do not excavate. Please have the site ready when the builders arrive.

Q: Will I have to take the day off work?
A: No. The night before delivery the builder will phone you to get directions and to go over the order one final time prior to loading the unit. You are required to be there at completion to sign the completion statement and give payment to the builder.

Q: How and when do I pay?
A: Upon completion please have a check or money order ready payable to Crossland Industries LTD or pay by credit card.

Q: How soon after I order can I expect my new shed?
A: The exact build date will be arranged between you and Crossland. The usual wait is about 2-3 weeks from the order date. Once scheduled you wont be contacted again until 3 days prior to the build. The build date is TENTATIVE. Weather and other obstacles beyond our control may cause a delay in delivery.

Q: Will I need to paint the shed?
A: Yes, you should paint and caulk the shed within 180 days of construction. The best paint to use is acrylic latex paint.