Reasons to buy a
Crossland Shed

  • Built on your land
    Saves time, energy and the headaches of building yourself
  • 6" front fly rafter overhang
    Extends the roof line to protect against weather
  • 6' Continuous piano hinge
    Ensure proper fit and provide greater security
  • 2X6 Kickplates
    Strengthen doors at point of greatest vulnerability
  • Rigid door construction
    Adds stability and reduces chance of warpage
  • 4X4 pressure treated runners
    Provide air circulation and termite prevention
  • 2X4 floor joists
    12" on center for strong, durable construction
  • 2X4 wall studs and rafters
    24" on center for strong, durable construction
  • Rugged Grooved Siding
    Reduces delamination and warpage. Carries limited 7 year warranty
  • Self sealing shingles
    To seal out elements: Choice of black or brown blend